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We would like to get a couch that measures 84 x 36 x 33. Our door measures 31.5 x 81. All measurements are in inches. Is there any way this couch will be able to fit through the door? Perhaps by twisting or entering at an angle? I don't think anything can be removed or disassembled from this couch. The door is right on the corner (corner angle of 90 degrees) of the room so there is a wall immediately on the right side when you walk in. There is nothing else that could be an obstruction as it is just a plain rectangular room. There are no other doors or stairs that the couch needs to go through. Please help ASAP as we need to give a response about this couch soon. Thanks!

Ok so what your saying is that there are no other turns, twist or flights of stairs? I always have to ask these questions cause I'm not sure what the sofa looks like or the place its going.
You talk about a wall. Is this wall right in front of you once through the entry way? I wasn't sure if you meant its right in front of you and you have to make a turn into the room. If you have to make a turn immediately after the entry ,it will be a little tight cause of the angle you will have to get it in. That little area has to be more than 37inches.
Or are you saying that the entry is on the right in a hallway and once in the door its wide open? If this is the case the hallway before the entry needs to be at least 47inches wide so you can turn the sofa towards the entryway.
Now if your saying simply that there is a small little hallway after entry than this will be tough to get in.
Rosa although you might think its just a couple of inches off remember a sofa does not bend and the wall after the entry would obstruct any maneuvering you would have done.
See if the legs come off and remove what ever cushions that are removable.
Legs come off your good to go. If they don't still have a chance but is it really worth it if it gets damaged. Your choice from there. Good Luck Rosa
Peace Love and Happiness

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In response to your questions: there are no turns, twists or flights of stairs. There is no hallway or entry way either. The room that it needs to get into is a rectangular room with a door next to one of the corners.The door hinges are next to the corner so it swings to the left when you open it from inside. I have attached a drawing of the room floor plan to help you get an idea of the situation. Unfortunately, I can't find a good picture of the couch. How is it looking now?

Hi Rosa
Can the door be taken off the hinges? Can the legs come off, and are the arms lower than the back. Without two of these three it will depend on the deliverymen. If the arms are the same size as the back it will not fit.
The sofa will have to be stood up with the arms facing the entry way. while you pick it STRAIGHT UP grab the arm closest to the floor and start bringing it in. Do NOT start turning it until the bottom arm is 3/4ths in then start to turn to get the back portion in. Once arm has gotten fully in start to pickup the sofa and let the otherside down with the angle until in. Home free. This really needs to be done by pro's.
Peace Love and Happiness  

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