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Moving Furniture/Do you feel that this sofa will fit thru my entrance?


Sofa photo
Sofa photo  
QUESTION: Hello Paul,

         I've located a sofa whose dimensions are:  Length 72", Height 32" ( with loose back pillows removed ), and Depth 37"  These sofa legs are not removable.  

         The entrance to my home is 80" vertical, 85" horizontal, and 30 3/8" wide.  There are no obstacles on the outside or inside of this's a straight shot into the living room.

         Do you feel that this sofa will be able to be brought through my entrance without any difficulty?  Can this sofa be laid on its back, then the top portion rotated in a counter-clockwise position in order to make it through the entrance.  

         I will attach a photo of the sofa...perhaps, it will help.  

         Thank you,

I've seen alot of this sofa lately. They call this a shelter sofa. Don't ask me I have no idea why. Mike can the door come off the hinges? Its a tough sofa cause the arms and back are very close in height which makes it difficult to maneuver in through the door. If the arms are lower than the back and under that skirt lies 4 legs and not a platform bottom you have a chance to maneuver. Needs to stand up on one arm in front of the entry. Either the back or the arm can go in first and start your rotation. I just don't know whats under that skirt. If there are no legs this won't make it in. See if the door comes off the hinges. If so your good to go.
Peace Love and Happiness

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


      Just to follow up with your response...the arm height on this sofa is 29".  The height from floor to back of sofa is 32".

      It doesn't have a platform bottom, it sits on (4) legs.  

      Are you referring to the storm door that needs to be taken off its hinges, the inner entrance door, or both?  The storm door can be opened further than what the photo depicts.  I wanted to show a photo of the entrance that the sofa needs to go thru.  

       Hope this additional information helps.  

         Thank you,

I'm sorry I meant the inside door. Unless it goes all the way back best to take off and make sure that screen door goes all the way back to. Sometimes the Hydraulic arm on the bottom sometimes gets in the way of rotating the legs in.
Its all about getting those first 2 legs in once in your good to go. You have to figure the arms on the sofa have around 1/2 inch to inch of padding.
Mike that 30 3/8ths is that from jam to jam or from jam to door.
Mike one other thing. If your handy you could also take that trim off the door. Its only a 3/4inch piece of wood thats nailed to the door frame. That would make it a guarantee fit.
Sometimes nice landlords are very helpful. Other than that I can get you a disassembly service. Good Luck Mike. I'm here if you have any more questions.
Peace Love and Happiness

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


   The inside door opens completely...the storm door will also open all the way back by removing the pin on the upper hydraulic arm...the storm door does not have a lower hydraulic arm.

   Concerning the's 30 3/4" measuring from jamb to jamb.  This measurement does NOT include wood trim that now makes the measurement from jamb to jamb 30 1/2"...then, there is weatherstripping that makes it 30 3/8"...therefore, the widest width of the door ( due to the weatherstripping) is 30 3/8".  

   I just wanted to get an expert opinion as this sofa can not be returned once it is purchased.  Let me know if you feel that this sofa will be able to come through my entrance way without any issues.  

   If I can supply any further information (including photos), please let me know.  

   Your expertise is valued...thank you for any other information that you can provide.


Hi Mike
I do apologize I was just trying to see if there was anyway we could find an inch. Due to the way the back to the arm are designed in a slope manor instead of an L shape design and makes it very hard to rotate in through a door. Since they don't return your money if it doesn't fit I suggest you look for a different model. I can't take that chance with your money. Just to close for comfort. Sorry Mike

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