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Hi Paul,

My husband and I are trying to find a sofa to fit through our tight space to the basement and have come across one that we both like.  I'm hoping you can help on whether you think it'll fit.  The basement doorway is 29 1/4 inches wide and 80 inches from top to bottom.  Once you get through this doorway it opens to a stairway with 2 steps, then a landing, a immediate 90 degree turn right, and about a dozen steps down to the basement floor.  Once you get through the doorway at the top the walls widen out to 36 inches.  The landing is 36 X 36.  Steps are 12 inches.  The ceiling opens up on the landing and then slopes again as you go down the bottom dozen of steps.

The couch we want is a sectional and has 2 pieces 95X31X39.

Hi Kim
The dreaded basement. Kim you said a sectional but you've only given me one measurement. Is this the size of one of the pieces? If this is the size of one of the pieces then the answer would be no. It won't fit. When your dealing with a tiny entry way and small stairwell it leaves you very little room to maneuver. Also when dealing with sectionals one of the pieces has a back height the same size as the arm to make that corner seat in a sectional because of this the door has to be bigger than the back. There is no maneuvering, sort of like trying to get a square peg in a round hole. The other problem you have is the slope in the ceiling , the ceiling has to be at least 8inches higher than the actual size of the sofa. The other part of the ceiling thats a problem is the actual slope if the depth of the sofa is 39 than the slope will deter you from getting down to the basement.
These are your choices. Remember I do not know what your sectional looks like so this is all from 30yrs of experience. A picture of basement angles and the item you want would be awesome. Ok back to your choices. You need to stick with items not longer than 79inches, and stay away from pieces that have the arms same size as back. As long as the height of the arms are smaller than the width of the doors you can pick pretty much go with any height in the back.
The other choice. I don't know where you live but We run a disassembly service in the mass area but have people in 10 other states that can help you in this matter. We take apart furniture that can't get through tight places and put it back together the same way you bought it.I've seen this basement 1000 times be careful. take a look
Hope this helps Peace Love and Happiness

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