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entrance photo
entrance photo  
QUESTION: Hello Paul,

         I've inquired about this particular sofa in the past...on whether it would fir through my entrance way.  However, there is additional information that I have attained concerning the legs...which could be vital.  I was originally told by the manufacturer that the legs were not removable.

I'll attach the sofa may have the photos of my entrance from my past inquiry.  

The sofa dimensions are:  LENGTH:  72", HEIGHT 35" ( not a loose pillow back ) DEPTH 39", ARM HEIGHT 24".  The legs ARE removable and measure 1 3/8" high.  

My entrance dimensions:  DIAGONAL 85", VERTICAL 78 1/2", WIDTH 30 3/8"...I measured the width from one side of the door frame to the other.  There is weatherstripping (with rubber seal) attached, so I measured from the rubber seal ( as this protrudes furthest ) that is part of the weatherstripping to the opposite side that also has weatherstripping.  

The metal storm door will open against the the pin of the hydraulic door closing mechanism can be removed...allowing the door to swing open completely.  

The inner wooden door will also open is shown in the photo as not being opened entirely.  

I also have taken a photo where I am measuring the door width...if you would need to view it.  

Thanks for your additional assistance...I appreciate it!


Thank you for your help.  


ANSWER: Hey Mike
I'm sorry but which sofa are we talking about. The very first one with a skirt or one of the others. If were talking about the first one. Yeah it helps but its only an 1or 2.  Those arms look like the same height as the back. If the measurements this time are correct where the arms are 24inches than yeah it has a chance it will work. I give no guarantee But I would be careful. They made a mistake once before than can do it again. By that time you've already given them your money. The legs need to be 3inches for it to really help. I'm sorry mike.  

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Sofa photo
Sofa photo  

   My apologies...I just noticed that the photo of the sofa didn't appear.  I'll attach another photo.  This sofa does have a removable leg that measures 1 3/8" in height.   

H 35 W 72 D 22 in.
Arm Height: 24 in.
Overall Depth: 39 in.
Approx. Seat Height: 19 in.

  Let me also give you a link that could possibly show the couch better. You'll see the dimensions listed on the link that I provided.

Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: Hey Mike
The problem with this sofa it does not have a definitive arm to back. Because the arms are sloped and not in a right angle with the back it makes it difficult to rotate. See, if that arm slopes in the middle and becomes over 30inches you won't be able to turn the sofa. The end of the arms are 24 but what is the height halfway up the arm? If its 33 right in the middle its no good. You keep coming back to this sofa. So your choices for you are as follows
Take the chance Stand up bring bottom arm in first while top of couch slightly leans the opposite way. Once halfway start your rotation bring the lower arm through entry while the other side is slowly lowered and repeat to get the other arm in.
I'm not sure where you live but I can assure you that I possibly can get a disassembler to your area.
Last but not least: Pry the door jam off. Not that hard about 8 nails in the jam. The sofa will fit. Landlord or maintenance man can help with this. The legs off helps this action.
If you live in mass I would be happy to deliver it myself.
I've run out of answers buddy. I want to say yes to this sofa but with my experience its a tough call.

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    My apologies for the continual questions concerning this particular sofa.  

    It's taken me a few days, but I finally was able to get the EXACT specifications of this sofa from the Sherrill Furniture CO.  The specs are the following:

    Length:  72"
    Depth:   39"
    Height:  35"
 Arm Height: 24"
Measurement to middle of arm:  approximately 26"
Measurement to back corner:  31"  
Legs measure 1 1/2", they are adjustable, and CAN be removed.

   I had re-measured my entrance and the vertical is 78 1/2" and the width is 30 1/4".

   Upon reading your last stated that if the mid-arm height would become over 30", then the sofa would not be able to be rotated.  I'm assuming that the middle of the arm measurement being 26" is a positive factor and that the sofa should be able to be rotated, thus making it through the entrance with no problem.  

   Could you please let me know if I am good to go with this particular sofa?  My utmost apologies about the continual questions about this sofa.  I'm hoping that NOW being able to supply you with ALL the correct measurements ( sofa & entranceway ), that you'll be able to determine whether or not it will make it through my entry way.  

   I can remove the innner wooden door by removing it from its hinges & also remove the hinges if needed.  The outer storm door will fully open against the house by removing the pin from the hydraulic mechanism. The entry way is a straight shot once in.

   If you feel that this will not be necessary ( due to the other measurements mid arm height & back corner height ), please let me know.  

   Again, my apologies for the continual follow ups...but, I hope that having the mid-arm height dimension will be more helpful.

   You'll be receiving the highest ratings from me.  I am grateful for your help.

Hey Mike (Measurement to back corner:  31") What is this?????
If only I loved my wife the way you love this sofa.
Ok so the arm HALFWAY is 26 which gives you a gap of 4 1/4 inches halfway. That number gets smaller as we go. If your asking me for some guarantee, I can't do it. Will it be easy with the measurements you gave me? No not at all. Is there a chance it can go in absolutely.  Take the jam off mike your good to go 100%. Other than that it all depends on who actully measured the sofa and weather we can be sure
First try to bring it in with both arms facing the ceiling and try the angle.
When that doesn't work stand the sofa on one end first try getting the back in first and rotate if that doesn't work would be arms first and rotate. Important note: Saran wrap between door and sofa place some Vaseline on the part that touches the door and rotate with the sofa using lots of force but keeping the sofa from any harm. Just remember wood doesn't bend or give once your at the end thats it. The rest is just damages trust me. Be careful sir.  

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