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QUESTION: Hello,  

    I'm planning on purchasing a sofa ( which is being referred to as a 'shelter sofa' by the manufacturer.  The dimensions on this sofa are:  Height 35", Length 72", Width 39", Arm Height 24"

    My entrance dimensions are:  Width 31 7/8", Height (vertical) 80", diagonal...approximately 85".

    The manufacturer tells me that it will not fit because the Width (depth) of the sofa is 39" and my entrance is 31 7/8" wide.

    Also, the manufacturer states that it would be problematic because it is a 'shelter sofa'.  I will provide a link showing the actual sofa.  

    My entrance way is a 'straight shot' once you get the sofa thru the opening...there are no obstacles.  

    Do you feel that this sofa will make it thru my entrance way without any issues...once I buy it, I own it!  

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!  

P.S. Here is the link showing the sofa I intend on purchasing.

Thank you for any assistance into this matter.


A shelter sofa seems to be a certain design where the back and the arms are high sort of makes you feel like your sitting in a box. All the styles i looked at did not have a skirt. So i was wondering do the legs come off? Can the door be taken off the hinges?Also make sure before delivery that they take the cushion off more room to angle. You say there are no obstacles once in the doorway. What about before the doorway. Is that a straight shot too.
The sofa has to be stood up on one arm. and you need to bring the back in first sort of in an angle. Think of the Shape of the letter L make believe thats the top of the sofa once its stood on one arm. You need to swing the bottom part of that L into the entry way. I would feel a little more comfortable if I knew the legs come off, and the door came off. The hallway before the entry also needs to be wide open area. If I was the one delivering I would say absolutely it'll go in. But because I don't know who's delivering, that makes it a tough call. Sometimes it takes a pro to do it the right way with out damaging the sofa or your home.
Also if by any chance you can take a pic of the hallway to the door would also help.
Peace Love and Happiness

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Entrance photo
Entrance photo  

   Thank you for your information & quick reply...I am attaching a photo of my entrance.  The wooden door will open wider...I have a table sitting behind that must be moved in order for it to open to its widest position.  Also, the porch sitting outside the door is 8', there is plenty of space to sit the sofa.  The storm door (although, shown closed)...opens wider than the actual door frame opening, so that should not cause any interference.  Let me know if the photo is helpful, or if I can be of further assistance in supplying a better photo.  

Thank you!

That door can be taken off the hinges it will give you another 2 inches and the screen door on top and bottom where the hydraulic arms are there are pins that can be easily removed to let the door swing all the way open. Find out if the legs come off. They do 100percent it will fit. Right now where sitting at 80-20 it will fit

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My apologies...I forgot to add in my previous messages that the manufacturer states that the legs will NOT detach.  It will have to come in with the legs attached.

Is a shelter sofa more difficult to walk thru an entrance than a standard sofa?. A representative of the Sherrill Furniture Co. is of the opinion that it is more difficult.  The rep also states that because the sofa has a 39" depth, that it will NOT fit thru the entrance.  I realize that the majority of sofa need to be angled in order to fit thru an entrance...I'm assuming that the rep feels as though it has to come in without angling the sofa...the rep has me a bit leary as to whether it will come in.  

The arm height is 24"...which is lower than the height of the sofa from floor to top of back...does the arm height make a difference as to whether it makes it easier to walk in?  Is the depth measurement the most important measurement in determining whether a couch will make it thru an entrance?  

Again, many thanks for any information you can supply.


Normally when we deliver a sofa we bring it through the entry way with the lowest dimension on a sofa. Which would be the Height Not the depth. The depth on pretty much every sofa range from 37 to 40 in depth. The only reason that would be an issue is when your angling the sofa in. The height of the arm has a lot to do with it and also that little lip that your cushion sits on. When you stand the sofa up have the arms facing the doorway bring the sofa in just like that when you get halfway start to turn the sofa. To answer the other question all sofa's are made differently there is no such thing as a standard sofa. Just like there's no such thing as a standard size doorway. I'm sorry to say mike without the door coming off the screen door opening all the way and the sofa legs do not come off chances become slim at best.
If you want one other route we offer a disassembly service that disassembles and reassembles any type of furniture. There are services like me in pretty much any state.
Good Luck Mike  

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