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Moving Furniture/Will my king sized bed fit?


I am trying to figure out it my king size bed will fit into a house I am considering moving into. The bed is typical 76" wide by 80" long, and the doorway is average 36" wide and 80" tall, but the problem is there are steps immediately entering the door, so the bed will have to be angled to reach up the stairs. They are not extremely steep, I would say your average stairs. Do you think this fit would be possible?

Hi Rachael
When you say there are stairs after the entry are we talking like 6 or 7 or are we talking 1st to 2nd floor? These are the problems to look for. 1) Is the first step right after you walk in? 2)Is there an overhang? If so measure the last step to the overhang. Needs to be over 76inches. Now remember some mattresses can bend not the box spring. If you have a king size boxspring that won't fit.Also how wide is the stairwell if its wider than 36 you'll be able to angle it a little give some extra inches.
Now if the stairs are a few feet away from the entry you could have a problem with the door frame .When your bringing the bed up the stairs the angle and the door frame could be a hindurance.The question was will this fit be possible . Yes possible, 100% sure no. I'm not sure what type of mattress you have I know king size but how thick pillow top, all foam, all springs, I'm not sure. Some beds can actually bend in half no problems while others are like boats. Peace Love and Happiness Rachael  

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