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Moving Furniture/Will sectional cornering piece fit?


QUESTION: I just had the traumatic experience of throwing away a brand new sofa because the disassembly was such a mess (hacking the frame with a skil saw) and I plan to move again in 2 years and don't want to deal with going through the ordeal again.  And I'm frankly not sure the sofa would be able to make it through another sloppy disassembly.  It's built like a rock.

Since the above piece was a large component of a sectional, my solution is to purchase smaller sectional components including a standalone cornering square.  The cornering square, however, does have a high back and side and I am concerned it won't make it through my 31" wide door.

Outside measurements: W39 D39 H38
Inside measurements: W23 D22 H18
Seat: H18
Back rail height: H18

Here's a link to the manufacturer's product page:

It is the Square Corner, style: 5296-06

The feet are removable, which should save about 1.5".  I'm thinking if you put it through the door on its side, front corner of the seat first and then turn it in, it should make it.  Again, my door is 31" wide.

Thank you, Evan

ANSWER: Hey Evan
I'm sorry you had such a problem with disassembly service. We are like any other business. If something was wrong you should have called them to fix it. You live in NY one of the oldest cities around. 5 flight walk ups narrow hallways, small basements, and lots of sharp turns. I'm not sure what your place looks like but I'm pretty sure the door width wasn't your only problem.
Evan is this going up or down any stairs? Is there a sharp turn right after entry? Is there any other obstructions besides the door?
When It comes to the corner piece if 2 out of the 3 sides are higher than the width of your door then piece will have ability to rotate or maneuver threw door. Find out what the measurements are with the legs off and the cushions. If its lower than the 31 your ok but if your just 31 1/2 don't try it. Wood does not give, (almost) doesn't work with furniture.
Stick with back heights that are lower than 31 and sofa's that are under 80inches wide.
Hope this helps. I have a lot of connections with disassembly services maybe you just got the wrong one.
Peace Love and Happiness

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Paul - appreciate it.

My building is an elevator building, so the issue is really just the front door.

Were you able to see the diagram of the piece?  It's 5296-06 in this link -

Since it's a cornering piece, there are two sides that are essentially backs, measuring 38" in height with legs, and 36.5" without legs.  The piece is 39" wide and 39" deep (a square).  The two seat sides should be very low without the cushions, so I am thinking I should be able to turn the piece on its side, put the seat corner in the door first and then rotate the piece through.  Does that make sense?

Thanks, Evan

Hey Evan
Yes I saw the piece
I have to be more careful when I read my own replies. Evan If 2 sides that are adjacent have the same height and its wider than the door width then it will NOT be able to rotate. It would have to be more of a wedge than an actual square. Also remember when looking at a square corner to corner is longer than up and down. So lets say you wanted to do what your thinking well then your depth becomes more . Don;t do it. Sorry Evan

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