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QUESTION: I will be trying to fit a sofa, measurements being 84" wide, 46"depth, 38.5" high through a 33 inch doorway.  Will it fit.  What do you think the is  minimum door size that I can fit this through?  Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hi Linda
I will answer your question first. With the measurements you gave me the answer to your question is NO. This will not fit. You need to find out if the legs come off and what is the exact measurement with the legs and cushions off. Also see what the measurement would be if you can take the door off the hinges. Also find out what the height is for the arms. If the arms are under 32inches you can stand the sofa up and try bringing one arm in at a time, while rotating. This could only happen if you have a ceiling height on either side of the door of over 107inches and there is enough width to maneuver.
There is no such thing as standard meaning all sofa's are made differently. Some have small arms high backs some have arms the same size as the back some have the cushions attached some don't. The only thing I can say to make sure No Problems fitting. Stick with any sofa that has a back height no higher than 32 1/2 inches.
Peace Love and Happiness

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It's a Hancock and Moore Sundance sofa.  Arm height is 26.5 inches Ceiling height 103 inches outside of door and 96 inside of room.  Place where I purchased the piece does not believe the legs come off.  I am thinking the low arm height will help.  Thanks for your prompt response.

Hey Linda
The arm height matters but it only helps if the other numbers jive. Your going to have to stand this bad boy up. Think of a TV, top to bottom its 12inches but from corner to corner its 18inches. Same idea with a sofa. Before you stand it up its got to be stood up. When you bring the sofa up to stand on one arm you are going to be at that angle that I was talking about.
Besides the door Linda is this going up any stairs are there any sharp turns getting to the entry. How wide is the hallway?
Linda as I was writing to you I decided to look at this piece. Please, Please either get your money back or find out if it comes in a smaller piece. Linda that is a beautiful piece and I'm pretty sure the legs don't come off. The Problem here is with the numbers being so tight there's a chance this sofa could get badly scratched going in. Spending that amount of money to stress over weather it will fit or not. I saw they had modular pieces as long as its lower than 79inches your good to go.
Peace Love and Happiness  

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