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QUESTION: Hi, I'm looking to purchase a sectional for my livingroom, and I'm concerned with whether it will fit through my door and hallway. I know the previous residents had a large couch, but I'm not sure how they got it in.

My doorway is 29" wide, 30.5" if I take the door off the hinges, and 82" high. In order to get the couch into the apartment, once you get through the door, you need to take an immediate right into a hallway that is 36" wide and 47" long from the door to the other wall, and then a left into a hallway that is 35" wide. The doorway to the living room is 42" wide. I've attached a picture of the layout with measurements.

The couch I'm interested in is a sectional from Pottery Barn - the PB Comfort ( It comes in three pieces. Two are the same - they're both 69" long, 42" deep, and 30.5" high. The legs come off, bringing the height down to 28". The corner piece is 42" by 42".

I'm fairly certain I can get the pieces through the door, so long as the legs come off, but I'm very uncertain as to whether the movers could get it down the hall, given that you need to make two 90 degree turns. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Rebecca
Your good to go. Take the legs off. Have them bring the cushions in first or if they don't want to touch the cushions you take them off. Bring the big pieces in naked plenty of room. With the arms lower than the back it makes it much easier to maneuver and angle through hallways. Enjoy your new piece. Peace Love and Happiness

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your answer. I'm now wondering if I'll be able to get my giant armchair in. It's basically 37" X 37" X 37" - although the height of the arms is only 26.5". It needs to come in through the same door/hallway. What do you think?

Hey Rebecca
By the way I should clarify my last answer The reason why the pieces will fit is because they are smaller than the door height so you can stand them on there sides and walk them in.
The chair  here's the thing. The back is higher than the arms which makes it very easy to maneuver and I rarely have problems with chairs. Sideways bring top through first than keep it in the angle to make it through the hallways and into the room.
With that said I started my disassembling career in NY and there can be some small or angled very weird to make it very difficult for even a person to get through. I've disassembled many a chair in NY. Because you won't be able to move the chair around its very important to make sure that your not going to the left than to the right . That won't work for the chair.
Keep these guys number: All Furniture Services or Dr. Sofa both disassembly co.
Good Luck Rebecca have a nice fourth

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