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Moving Furniture/Will This Couch Make It to My Basement?


QUESTION: Trying to move our old couch to the basement.  Couch measures 88" X 33" X 29".  Doorway to basement is 31" and then widens to 41".  Height of doorway is 79".  Stairs go straight down into the basement.

Difficulty is the hallway that the basement door is located.  Hallway makes a right angle off of our kitchen and is 36" wide.  The basement door is located 33" into the hallway.  Two doorways are located across from the basement door, but not directly across.  One is a bathroom with a door way opening of 27" and the other a mud room with opening of 31".  We are able to angle the couch into the mud room.  The bathroom is too narrow to angle into.  

The hallway is only 6' long and then continues into an open foyer, but again the opening is at a right angle to the basement.  Height clearance in the hallway is not a problem.  

I'm not sure if I gave you enough information to answer the
question,  but would appreciate your thoughts (before my husband kills me).

Thank You,


ANSWER: Hi Litsa
From the numbers and the obstacles it will be very difficult to do. Find out if the legs come off and check underneath the sofa under the dust cover and see if the arms are bolted on. Easy to unbolt item it there are bolts. A picture of the sofa and the trip it needs to make to the basement would be great for me to make a judgment. Other than that I would not attempt due to the fact6 that you might make a mess out of the walls. Peace Love and Happiness

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QUESTION: Hello Paul -

Thanks for the quick answer.  We performed all of your suggestions last night.  I can't determine if the couch can come apart from what I see.  There are no physical bolts, I only see dovetail joints.

Some photos are attached of the couch, what I see underneath, the hallway, and obstructing hallway.

Please not that the loveseat portion of the couch made it down with no problem.  Dimensions on the love seat are all the same with the exception, of course, of height.  

Thanks again for the advice -


Hi Litsa
I'm sorry the only way that gets downstairs is if there is a disassembly service in your area. I saw some furniture techs in your area you might want to call them. Should not cost more than 375.00. I charge much less I just don't know what they charge there. Best thing to do is call your big furniture store and ask them who they use.
From the pic the reason it does not fit is because there is not enough room for maneuvering. The loveseat went down because its smaller than the height of the door so it was easy to maneuver but the sofa is taller than the door which means you can't make the turn Sorry Peace Love and Happiness

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