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Stair Layout
Stair Layout  

We are looking at getting a sleeper sofa into our basement.  Hopefully I can explain our set up correctly (very rough drawing attached)

Entry to basement is down a hallway that is 36" wide 108" tall.  Then there is a rt hand turn to basement door which is actually recessed 36" from the hallway. In other words another "mini-hallway" that is 36" x 36" (72" from door to hallway wall).  Door is a 32" door with about 31.5" from door jam to door jam (if door removed).  It opens into a 36" wide L-shaped stair case.  Down 3 steps, then hit a landing that is about 36" x 36", turn to the right and head down 8 more steps.  Distance from door to the back wall of landing is 68".  Lowest ceiling height is 96" (usually higher)except at very bottom of stairs where it is closer to 80".  No issue at bottom of steps as there is about 120" from steps to wall.

Couch we are looking at is 95" L x 43" D x 33" H (as measured in store w/o feet up to back w/o cushions).  Here is the link

Do we have a chance?

Thank you,

I'm sorry Dan but the sofa doesn't make it past the stairs. You said once down the stairs you have to turn to the right to enter the doorway. Even though a sofa is lets say 84 inches from arm to arm but when you angle the sofa the length becomes point to point which is longer, could range from 15 inches to 2ft. All depends on the angle. Think of a Tv from top to bottom the screen is 10inches but from top corner to the opposite side bottom corner it becomes 18 inches. Same thing with furniture and when you have to turn the sofa to make the entry you will need a hallway area of 52inches wide to maneuver. You said its 36. Now you can stick with anything that's smaller than the doorway height as long as the last stair does not interfere with the sofa lying down on the ground. Or you can look for a disassembly service that specializes in furniture disassembling (NOT IKEA SERVICES) We specialize in furniture that's not suppose to come apart. Other than that stick with armless modular pieces or the furniture like Ikea that does come apart. Good Luck Peace Love and Happiness

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QUESTION: Thank you for the quick answer. I'm a little confused on where you are saying the difficulty will be. When you say it doesn't make it past the stairs, are you referring to the top of the stairs, the landing or the bottom of the stairs? There is no doorway at the bottom of the stairs if that is the confusion.  The bottom of the stairs is a 36" x 80" opening that has 10ft of straight space to the back wall of basement. Only door is at the top of stairs (approx. 34" by 80" when we take it off).  I can be spatially challenged and I'm sure my drawing isn't the best, so maybe I missing something :).  

My thoughts:
1. To get down first hallway from rt hand side, couch is on one arm with 33" height fitting in the 36" hall. Bottom of couch facing solid wall in drawing. Front of couch facing left in drawing. Back of couch facing toward right of drawing.
2. Rotate couch 90 degrees clockwise on end at opening to mini-hallway to align with the door at the top of stairs. Door is 3ft back from turn off of hallway.
3. Pull couch forward to top of stairs and tip back toward opposite wall of hallway (have 72" from doorway to back hallway wall) to get through 34" by 80" door).
4. Take couch to landing slanted a bit and then go vertical and rotate 90" degrees clockwise again at landing.
5. Then should be able to tip and carry down the stairs straight into basement w/o turning.

Does that make any sense or have a possibility? Might still have the same problem you describe above.

Thank you again for your time.

You have to understand you know your place better than me and sometimes what you might think is pretty straight forward might not be as easy. I go by numbers and experience . So this is what you need Sofa length is 95 inches so if you have to stand the sofa up you'll need at least 110 inch ceilings, The height of the sofa is 33 inches so all doorways need to be under 33 inches. The depth of the sofa is 41 inches for a sofa to maneuver a sharp turn in a hallway you'll need 52 inch wide hallways for it to turn. BUT if your trying to turn a sofa in a 36 inch hallway right or left into a doorway the top arm because its taller than the doorway will get stuck.
Your diagram does not show the top of stairs and the bottom not sure what I'm looking at.
1) Which is the first hallway?
2) Besides the doorway is 31 the height of sofa is 33 to get it in you'll need to maneuver the sofa in and from your diagram the hallway after door is 36inches which will not be enough room to maneuver. And then after that you'll have to go the opposite way. I could be wrong but I don't think so.

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updated drawing
updated drawing  


Appreciate the help.  Hope I don't seem argumentative.  Just trying to see if there is a solution and maybe there isn't.  Here is an updated picture with more accurate layout.  Red arrows show the potential flow of the couch. I also added a couple of pics of the hallway, mini hall way, stairs to landing and view from bottom of stairs up to landing.  For the door, if we leave the trim on, it is 31.5".  Would take that off and should give us at least 2 more inches. Couch height is just under 33".  To your point, the turns are going to be the issues.

Thanks again.  Appreciate the thoughts.

Ok so the second pic on the left where you have to make your turn , does the ceiling slant down ? How high is the ceiling?  After those 2 steps you have a small platform so you will have to make your turn from the first step. How high is that ceiling after turn. Does the ceiling slope down? The other problem, you have to go through is the door. To bring the sofa down you'll start by slanting it downward and start going down and you think you'll be able to start bringing the sofa down but you wont get past the door which means you'll have to try to bring it upward which means the width of that platform has to be wider than 48 inches again angles. Once you lean a sofa your working with the angles which brings bigger numbers .To bring the sofa through the doorway you have to use the height of the sofa which means the depth measurement(43) is what your working with in the platform area need to find out what the width is from the last step to the wall.  If there was no doorway at the top you can do it cause you would be going straight in standing the sofa up . But because of the doorway and I don't know how high the ceiling is in the stairwell that's where the problem lies. Thank you for the pics helped tremendously. I'm sorry I'm not giving you the answer you want. If you have the time get a box (cardboard) make it the size of the sofa and try it.  

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