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Moving Furniture/will sofa fit to basement take 2



It wouldn't let me continue the conversation, so here is hopefully the answer to your questions:

1. The ceiling does not slope down, so it actually gets higher until you get to the landing.  Once you clear the door (which is about 81" tall), you actually have a ceiling height from top step of 118".  At the landing it is actually ranges from about 102" to 116" as it starts to slope.  It starts to slope above the landing and then when you head down from there, but once again about 105" from steps to ceiling except at very bottom where is 80".

2. For the landing, from the bottom of the step to the wall is 42".  But theoretically, would not have to lean it which might help although it is still 43" wide.  If you could somehow start rotation with sofa on that last step (would have the height), you get to 53".  Definitely will be tight.  

Once again, appreciate your thoughts.  Sounds like it is going to be a miracle if it makes it down.  The company delivering is actually delivering some mattresses as well.  So worst case is I am out a few $'s to have them deliver another couch that would fit.

Cardboard box is a great idea by the way.

Thank you again for your help.


The door and past the door those are your problems. Since the sofa is 95 inches you will be is a slant there is no way to rotate the sofa until it is all the way through the door. The slope I was talking about was after the door. Since the arms are at least 24 to 26 inches from top to bottom when you stand that sofa up in that platform area you'll need from the back wall to the start of the slope 41 inches . You need to be able to turn that arm. The cardboard box is definitely needed. Make sure they take the cushions off before they attempt . Will make it easier. If its to close the deliverymen might not even attempt due to they are responsible for your home being damaged. They'll make you sign a waiver so any damages to your home or the sofa will not be there fault, also once you sign that waiver your basically saying that's your sofa now no matter what happened to it . Trust me more than money could be lost if your not careful. There are disassembly services out there. Good Luck Dan. Hope it fits . Please my wife loves it when I'm wrong.

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QUESTION: Thanks again for all the help.  Just to clarify, after the door, the ceiling does not slope until the platform.  In other words it is 116" tall on first step, then 125" on 2nd, 133" on third, then on the platform it ranges from 116" to 102".  So, if you can get the sofa through the door, you should be able to stand vertical again and move it back up a step while vertical to help with the turn.

I won't be surprised if they ask us to sign a waiver or refuse to deliver, but figure we'll take a shot and see what they say when they get here.  All of your thoughts and advice have been very helpful.

I did try and research disassembly services, but couldn't find any serving St. Louis.  If you have any connections, I'm all ears.

Thanks again and I'll let you know how it goes.


Hi Dan
Its all about the door Dan. You get past that your good to go. I'm sorry I checked to. I know there is one but I fell out of contact with a couple of people I knew. Always check that furniture surgeon just in case. By the way take the door off the hinges before they attempt the delivery. Good Luck Dan.

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