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QUESTION: I want to purchase a three-piece sectional and need to know if the largest piece will fit thru my front door. The largest piece is 49 inches x 49 inches x 38 inches high. My doorway is 35 inches wide and 96 inches high. Thank you for your help.

It usually doesn't take me 3 days to answer these questions.But since this is volunteer and I do work for a living. I try my best to answer these questions as fast as I can. To the best of my ability.
When companies put measurements online its usually for where you want to put the sofa, so the height number has the legs and pillows included. Your best bet is to call the company and ask them if the legs are removable and what the height would be from wood to wood. This is the corner piece which means 2 of the 4 sides are the same height which makes it impossible to maneuver through the entry. The height of the piece needs to be under the width of the door for it to fit. Peace Love and Happiness

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Thank you for your quick response. So if I understand you correctly, if the height of the piece is more than the width of the doorway there is no ability to turn the piece sideways and enter at an angle and then turn it and then enter? The rule is that wood to wood the piece must be no higher than the width of the door. Is that correct?

Why would Pottery Barn produce a piece of furniture that doesn't fit thru a standard doorway which I understand is 36 inches.  The width of our doorway is standard but because of the door jam it is one inch under the standard.

Thank you and I appreciate all the responses that you make which I spent the afternoon researching.

ANSWER: Mr. McWalters
1st Pottery Barn does not make furniture. They sell it. Manufacturers only make what we as people want. We want big things. Now sometimes its the wording of something that gets you the wrong answer. So is this an L shaped sectional or a U shaped sectional. L shaped sectionals are called Sectionals and the U shaped items are called Modular's .Getting me the name or serial number of the piece could help me see what your seeing.
2nd there are no rules its like playing tetris. Each shape, size, angle, and obstacle is different in every ones home. Its just when your dealing with a corner section and two adjacent sides are the same height it makes it very difficult to maneuver. The numbers or the angles never add up. But if its a modular that"s a different type of corner piece that has a chance. But I don't know which one your looking at. Peace Love and Happiness  

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QUESTION: Thank you.

It is an L shaped sectional. It is sold by Pottery Barn and is item# 83-9786153. It is called Pearce Upholstered 3-PC L-shaped sectional. Down blend wrapped cushions. We will take delivery in Scottsdale Arizona.

Ok so like I said the measurement that they gave you is from floor to top cushion. You'll be fine getting through the door. You shouldn't have a problem getting it in. To be safe when they arrive if you feel it will be tight. Have the delivery men make a hole in the plastic big enough for your hand to reach inside to remove all cushions. Makes it easier to get through door. Sometimes the wrapped sofa becomes bulky with all the cushions inside.I actually don't think you need to but remember the legs are removable  Peace Love and Happiness

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