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Can a queen box spring (brand new) be taken apart or bent to move up tight stairs?


Hello Chad,

It is possible to cut the box spring and still keep
its integrity intact. You will need a small handsaw, a razor knife (new
blade) and some rope. FIRST thing to do is find a clean area and lay the
box spring flat with the underside facing up. Measure and find the middle
of the frame. AT the middle point take the razor and cut the dust cloth
(THE SHORT WAY) COMPLETELY from side to side. NOW you will need to cut the
box spring FABRIC up the width of the side ...on both sides.Use the razor
to cut a straight line. By doing this you now have clean cut from the top
seam of the box spring down the width to the dust cover,across the dust
cover and up the other side to the finished seam. Now for the sawing. You
want to cut the wood framing braces that are closest in line with the line
that you cut in the dust cloth and in line with the cuts up the sides. You
will see the wood framing running along both sides. You will need to cut
through this wood. Way up inside you will see a long edging steel rod that
is part of the frame.........DON'T CUT THE METAL ROD. Now you are ready to
bend the box spring in half. Tip the spring up onto its side. Place the
soft side against a door frame. What you want to do is place a person on
each end and start to fold the box spring in a book. As you
do this apply equal pressure moving your body towards the center as it
folds. If there is no door frame you may have to improvise. Once folded,
tie a rope around it snuggly. Now you can move it upstairs and into the
bedroom. If you can find another door frame, use it to open the box spring
slowly and evenly with the underside against the frame. Once it is open,
look way up inside along the edge that was bent and you will see that
metal rod that i spoke of before. You'll notice that there is a kink in
the rod. If you can get a small board or stick and push on the kink to
straighten as much as possible, it will help it lay flat. As an option,
get some straight brackets and screw them to the underside to connect the
two halves. Sometimes it will lay flat without installing the brackets and
the mattress is on.

Well, that is pretty much the whole story. If you have more questions,
please don't hesitate to write. Hope you can understand it all.

Good luck


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