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I use Firefox.  There is an application on my computer that is changing my home screen when I access the internet.  Even though I change it under Tools..Options.. this application changes it.  The only things I have downloaded lately are:  software for a new Brother printer,  adobe upgrade, and a new subscription of my Anti-Virus AVG.  How can I find out what is causing this, and how can I remove it?

Thank you

Hi Jer,

Thank you for seeking my help on this.

Did you try disabling extensions/plugins in your FF browser one by one?

One thing you can do is, disable extensions/plugins you think which cause this problem in the FF and check whether the problem still exists or not.

If nothing worked, even if your virus guard failed to identify the problem , best thing to do is do a complete uninstallation of the browser and reinstall it. Beware that uninstalling will erase all your saved data such as passwords, etc.

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