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This is kind of a 2-part question about automated background processes while browsing. Every time I open a page there are scores of connections displayed in the lower left of the screen that must finish before I get my page. It's probably Google analytics and stuff like that but it is very annoying and it's not unusual for a page to delay while hooking into one of these sites. Is there any way to turn these off?
Many times I would like to copy the address of a particular site but the address line is almost immediately replaced by some other Facebook or YouTube domain reference. What's going on there and how do I stop it? {ESC} doesn't work.

Type about:config in the Location (address) bar and press the "Enter" key. When you see a warning, click I'll be careful, I promise! button.

-> In the Filter bar, type network.http.max-connections

Right click the preference network.http.max-connections and choose Modify
change the value to 30 or 48
click OK
-> Close the about:config tab

Restart Firefox.
Check and tell if its working.

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