Our mule will kill and cripple grown sheep and has tried to attack grown Black Angus. he is a john mule. What is up with that? He also goes very slow and jumps if flowers are blowing the wrong way, (Not joking!!)

John mules are known for killing small stock.  Keep him away from them since he has already shown an inclination to do so. The donkey side of him is responsible for this since donkeys fight rather than flee.

His spooky behavior can be dealt with by having losts of trail riding with an older less.stressful mule or horse until he realizes that all those buggers don't mean him harm,


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I have 25 Years experience in owning, breeding for, raising, and showing quality Saddle Mules and own Brayer Hill Farm. In addition, I am a Charter Member of two National Mule Associations. I also publish The Saddle Mule News available online.

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