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Is there equipment that can be hooked to a home entertainment system that can be used to either amplify the voice tracks or lower the music tracks of a DVD or BD in order to hear the conversations. I find the background music in most movies to be annoying when I am trying to hear the conversations.

Yes, if your entertainment center is computer-based you can use a normalization feature, which is commonly part of the multimedia software; or, if you are using traditional set-up without a computer, there are devices that are designed specifically for audio normalization. You could search online or check with a local audio specialization store and look for equipment with audio filters or, more specifically, audio attenuators (negative amplification).

If you are running an HTPC set-up, then the feature is freely available through software like VLC. If you are using a traditional non-PC set-up, then it could possibly be fairly expensive to purchase the necessary amplifier unit that has an attenuator feature. Generally, with audio equipment, you get what you pay for. If it is inexpensive, chances are it is also low quality. If it has a moderate to high price tag, then it is more likely to be moderate to high in quality.

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