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Excuse my english :)

As a musician, I'd say this piece might be particularly tricky to perform, though the composition itself might be pretty clear on paper. I think this has little to do with the bells (that I try not to hear while analyzing this).

The drums plays a traditional "brasilian" clave (or caribean-biguine) in 2/4 (actually the riff is "doubled" in a 4/4) played with 16ths.

BD . . (BD) . . SN .

1    &      2    &

Note that the song starts with the SN on the 2nd afterbeat.

The 2 guitars riff (verses) is written on the afterbeats, reinforced by the feeling of the melody (the distortion & the mix), they seem to place the SN on the 2nd time and it's actually very hard to tap the real tempo (especially the "real" 2nd time). It's not "meant" to be felt this way by a singer/guitarist (see the way Thom Yorke moves to play the different parts).

The chorus, for that reason, appears as a surprise on the 1st time :) Can be heard like this, with the dominant illusion of an anticipated 4/4 (on the last 4th), though the hits are on the real (brasilian, fixed) 1st time.

Clearly the brige imposes the brasilian clave (bass/gtr/dms).

And is meant this time to be felt with the "brasilian" feeling by every musician. Same for the outro that re-use the chorus with an inverted feeling this time.



Notes :

1/ I'd like to see the sheet : sure it looks very simple :)

2/ I defy anyone to play bs / gtr / sing this song by tapping & FEELING the real 2/4 the whole time (??? anyway, I guess I can't). Only the drummer might do this (even him might "enjoy" his inverted ROCK riff).

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