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Hi. I was memorizing the circle of fifths and noticed that the F that comes going towards the right side (fourths) in the major key starting from C, doesn't have a flat however the others on that side do.
Is there any particular reason for this? It seems to be the exception on the majors in trying to remember.  

On the minor circle of fifths whig starts with the Am. Again there are f#m,c#m, and g#m, on the fourthfourth side bflat m.  Why is this. Why so many exception on this circle.


Hello sunny-omer and thank you for contacting me through

I don't know which Circle of Fifths you are looking at, from what web site. Possibly there is a mistake. Yes, in the Key of F, there is one flat, Bb.

Here is a chart:

Thanks for the interest.

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Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting

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