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Hello there. I have been arranging music for college and high schools bands for several years. I recently have been hired to write an Alma Mater for a local High School. They provided me with the lyrics and I wrote the melody and the marching band arrangement. What would a respectable fee be for this service?

Bradley W. Jackson

Hi Bradley:

This is a hard question since a high school isn't a commercial enterprise with money set aside for promotion purposes. It might have been better if you'd negotiated your fee prior to doing the actual work -but having said that, youve performed to services:

composition of the song which I assume they accepted

you then arranged it for band

depending on the size of the highschool and how it raises funds for this type thing ( booster club, sprts department, etc ), you might try
to get  $500 for the composition ( and consequently assigning the copyright to the school ) and $250 for the arrangement

so : call it an estimated total fee of between $500 and $1000 ..with a median of $750 for both services.

..prepare to have to backpedal on this figure for a smaller school.... and you might manage to get $1200 -1500 for a large school in a major market.

In the future, I suggest you settle the financial issues BEFORE beginning the project.

Hope this helps you in some fashion.

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