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QUESTION: May I ask this question?

So you have recorded a demo with a good vocalist accompanied by a piano only. Of course, the vocal track and the piano track are recorded separately, and you can easily send a vocal track only (wav file) via email.

If you want to have a more professional backing track (strings, guitar, etc), can you send the vocal track only to an arranger? Can a professional arranger give you a backing track if he receives that vocal track?

Thank you so much.

ANSWER: Hi Liam :

The short aanswer is yes -a professional arranger can write to a vocal / piano track only ( Although it's much more usual to work with a full rhythm section -pno /bs /drums  and the singer depending on the style of the song ).  If  no rhythm is available, the arranger can work with a tap tempo track as a basis for further additions.

Keep in mind that this method will limit the arranger to chords and routine as laid down by the pianist.

there are some caveats involved ( appearance of wrong notes by the pianist etc ) but generally this is a fairly normal way of working
long distance with an arranger .I am now working on a project myself that involves remote contributions by talents in three cities
( Seattle /Nashville /and Atlanta )

hope this helps!

Phil Kelly

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much.

May I clarify? What if you send the arranger the vocal only (no piano track). In that case , can the arranger still make a new backing track for that vocal?


Absolutely NO!  send the arranger everything you have -the piano track conveys much important information even without a rhythm section present. .

as an example , here's a track I composed and arranged in this manner. It started with a pino /vocal /bass track to which live strings, woodwinds and horns were added after the initial session. the entire process involved sessions in LA, Dallas with the original track recorded to a click in Tacoma WA.  ( scroll down to "My Museum" )

Phil K

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