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QUESTION: Hello Chuck

If a musical piece has three verses, having the same tune repeated exactly each time.
And only at the end of the third and last verse, an extra line of music is added.

Should I put the words D.C. al Coda above the double bar, ending the verses, and the coda sign above the beginning of the next line of music, the extra line ending the song.         

Thanks, Art

   There are different WAYS OF routing the musician around the score.
 SO the question to always ask, is, given the instructions you suggested...
would that be sufficient to route you through the verses to the tag ending of the
    If so, then they will work,,
there is another possibility to also try
and that would be to put a ''repeat sign '' at the end of each verse..

(and yes a coda mark above the coda beginning,  and a ''go to coda symbol''
at the end of the third verse
,   you could also make a last measure of each verse with a
first ending bar, a second ending bar, and a third ending bar, then to coda
but as far as my changing anything, i suggest that the ONLY PLACE FOR THE DOUBLE
BAR IS AT THE EXACT END OF THE SONG, (NOT at the end of the verses, since that is
not the song's end)
     if you are not ok with these options, please send me another note and we'll
work this through again... ok?
   chuck (thanks for the question, this is the first time, this one has been asked of me
on my years on this panel...) :-) hope this has helped you, keep it up...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thanks for your reply.
Sorry Iím a little late, Iíve attached the way I thought to end the piece using the coda sign. I suppose itís not the done thing to write above Al Coda the words ďafter third verseĒ. Maybe the easiest way is to place 1 and 2 verses in one box, and the 3rd verse box starting maybe eight notes in from its end, playing through to the tag finish. If thatís best Iíll stick to that.
Itís just that I thought there might be a better way using a coda sign, because using a box makes the end tag quite long.

  If I understand your comment about the tag ending being quite long and the ending box issue, my reply is:
   the actual notation of 3rd ending (since it IS THE SONG'S END) NEED only be a couple of measures with the 3rd ending box above .. it doesn't have to be the ENTIRE LENGTH of the total ending... so once it starts it is obvious that the whole rest of the ending IS THE 3RD and last ending of the piece..

    So a coda, or 3rd ending, both work for me, (i prefer the latter) and have been in groups that have played it just like that,,, so this is NOT NEW GROUND BREAKING WORK , it IS something that is often done (even now in our orchestra arr. we play in church orchestra) publishers do use this...
   chuck , glad you got back to me, thanks for asking.... good luck, just make sure the ROAD MAP is clear...

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