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Can you please point me to the right direction or give me some principles to writing a melody. For example what books or theories can help me write a melody?

Thank you.

Listen to music. A lot of it. Draw inspiration from what you listen to, only without plagiarizing what has already been written. Listen to sounds in general, such as your surrounding environment and any everyday sounds. You might be surprised by what sounds will spark ideas. Also, experiment. You can hum random pitches in your head or do the same with an instrument. Try to write something, then try to not write something but still create something. Don't even think about it, let it naturally come to you. If you are interested in studying theory, check out Ralph Turek's "The Elements of Music" (2 volumes of texts plus workbooks). The greater understanding that you have of music theory, the easier the music writing process will become for you.

Best of luck!

Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting

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