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Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting/Moving from the bridge to the chorus in a new key?


Could you pls help me with this question?

Iím writing a song in the key of G.

I already have a verse and chorus, and am writing the bridge.

In my draft, the bridge melody will end with the D note, which means the chord for that last measure is still D.

After the bridge, I would like my chorus to move up one step, to the key of A.

If the last chord of the bridge is still D, is there any way for you to sing the chorus in the new key of A?

My sincere thanks,

Hello Mike,

Couldn't be easier!  In order to modulate you need the following: a) a pivot chord which is common to both the key you're leaving and the key you're moving to b) the dominant 7th of the new key c) its resolution (= perfect cadence) in the new key.  So if you're in Gmaj and your bridge ends on Dmaj, there's your pivot chord right there = V in the key you're in, IV in the key you're heading towards.  All you need to establish your new key is V7 I = E7 A.

You could strengthen the key change by putting in a Bmin chord so your progression is IV II V7 I in the new key = D Bmin E7 A.  I think this would be a better option, particularly as you're not intending to go back to your original key.  Try both and see what you think.

Hope this helps.

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