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Could you pls advise on this question? When I read music articles, I keep reading about ‘synths’.

I have written a few songs with my piano and a notation program. I also use a Tyros arranger keyboard.

However, I don’t understand how ‘synths’ can help you write a song, or are they meant for the production process only?

Thank you.

Hi Vlad:

the catchall term "synth' covers a wide range of keyboard devices that produce sound either by providing samples of real instruments
( some good,some  not so good depending upon the price ) and /or oscillators and sound modules to all the programming of custom sounds
from scratch. More expensive models might provide on board sequencer /recorders to enable the user to write and  record music in a single package. It should be noted here that many electronic composers prefer to use a stand alone sequencing /recording program with many more features for these applications - ie. Cubase, Digital Performer and /or Logic Pro. It all boils down to the money you have to invest in gear and how you choose to spend it.  That being said, these devices are all "tools" that provide you with both instrumental colors to employ and a means of recording and editing your music.

BTW: I personally use a Finale Notation program hooked yo to a Yamaha master keyboard .I no longer have and outboard synths, samplers anr sequencing programs since most of my work is for acoustic players.

Hope that clears things up  :)

Phil Kelly

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