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Some while ago I heard on an FM classical music station a tune referred to by the announcer as "Masons Enchanted Sea". I have not been able to identify this composition - at least not on google or bing.  Have you heard of it?  It is a classical rendition of sea sounds with a slow moving methodical melody that plays repetitively and if I remember correctly the whole thing was only about 2 to 3 minutes in length.  Thanks.


Oh sorry! I must have missed your message. Very sorry for that. Actually I have been out of action for the last four days which might account for it.

I am afraid that I have not heard of the piece you mention but being that it is so short, it sounds as though it might be a bit of film music. It could also be a "mood music" recording although that it less likely. The fact that Google doesn't bring up any information indicates that it is pretty obscure but I presume the word "Mason's" refers to the composer's name.

If you can remember the station on which you heard this work, I suggest that you contact them and check their playlist for the exact date and time. Some stations post their play-lists on their websites, so that might be the first starting point.

Sorry that I cannot be of any more help, but try what I've suggested and good luck with your search.

Best wishes


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