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hello sir

1- whats the musical instrument name perform the sound of human whistle ?

2- whats the musical insturment name perfrom the sound of bird whistle ?

3- if I want to be a music creator also arranger , I have the talent also ready to study music , does I have to master any musical instrument like org-piano-viola or it is not a condition ?

4- I m lisitng to some musical insturment melodies but I couldnt determine whats those insturment name noticed that it is wood wind insturment , can you give me your personal email to attach those sound to you for helping me determine which insturment perform that tone ?


There are many types of whistle instruments. Sometimes a slide whistle is used in place of the human whistle, though it does not effectively mimic the sound. The human whistle, itself, is an actual instrument.

There also exists several kinds of bird whistles, many are named after the bird that they mimic.

You do not have to master an instrument to become a composer or arranger. However, you will improve your ability to compose and arrange if you select and learn a primary instrument, more so if you learn additional instruments, even if you do not master any of them.

My e-mail address is private. However, I will listen to the sounds if you attach the sound files to a follow-up question, or upload them to another website and provide a link to the sounds.

Best of luck!

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