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Hello can you give me some constructive criticism on my music?

Here are some examples that I'm not so happy about:

I want to eventually compose music in film, commercials, and video games. I'm self taught and I don't know anyone in the industry. Whats the best way in getting a job writing music?

Thank you!

Hi Vadim :

It's been my policy here NOT to evaluate subjectively work submitted .However, in this case I'll offer two short stateements:

1,. If you're self taught, you do show some promise with more professional training and experience.

2. That being said, as a professional set of samples, I feel these are somewhat pedestirian  and not quite up to professional standards.
( see pont 1 for a way to solve these problems )

You're considering finding work in a very crowded field and the only way to get a foot in the door is to make connections and to get your work out there and be heard once you feel your work is competitive. Fortunately, the internet provides you with the tools to research other professionals work by visiting their websites, as well as a means of showing your own work through You Tube, My Space etc.

Goode Luck!

Phil Kelly

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I`m a semi-retired professional music arranger with over thirty five years in all phases of the commercial music production business. I can try to answer questions regarding music arranging, theory, orchestration , and/or composition for most acoustic ensembles .( jazz band or orchestral ) I can try to offer suggestions about studio music recording procedures and some basic MIDI applications , too. In the course of my career I`ve worked with such artists as Doc Severinsen and the old Tonight Show Band, Bill Watrous, Buddy Greco, John Gary, Mel Torme, Julius LaRosa, as well as the Pop programs of the Fort Worth, Dallas, North Carolina, and Houston Symphonies, as well as library music material for ABC, ESPN, and NFL Films.

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