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Hie.when using your head voice is it a must that you must feel vibrations right under your nose or is it also ok to feel them elsewhere as long as it is the upper part of your head?.it's getting me confused.I can feel more defined vibrations above my nose almost at eye level and some at the back top part of my head.
I made a nasal test to make sure that  the nose vibrations were not a result of my voice being too nasal.i did singng phrases without an m or n with my nose closed by my nose was not vibration under my fingures confirming no nasal issue.

  My answer is general in nature but you asked about ''head voice'' and where YOU '' FEEL VIBRATIONS'' that is (to my experience) two questions or NEEDING TWO ANSWERS..
   HEAD VOICE... is a generic phrase (depending on who uses it) to refer to a change of voice generation instead of where you feel vibration.. All sound (vibrations) should resonate in all your vocal cavities no matter if it is CHEST VOICE, OR HEAD VOICE..
   THE terminology is characteristic of LESS ''WEIGHT'' , less BODY, and lighter production of the tone and quality of sound.. THERE STILL should be resonance, and overtone in the HEAD VOICE, but it is produced with a lighter feel, or ''LIFT'' to the voice..
   CHECK on voice CLASSIFICATION.  OLDER use of this term had a more specific reference than it gets used by people today, (since I'm old enough to know how it used to be thought of and referred to).. Most teachers today have a variation in mind or even their own interpretation of this reference.. FOR NOW, just think of HEAD VOICE as having a lighter production feel, (a floating of the tone as it were)  and still keep the tone with overtones and continued resonance ..
that is more important to my thinking than, where you FEEL the vibrations and their origination..
    If you feel vibrations in the FACE MASK, then GOOD, you are letting your ''cavities'' work for you.. (that would be in the ABOVE NOSE AREA)....
   there are articles written about this in OLD ISSUES OF ''ETUDE '' MAGAZINE.. these are still in some libraries (college libraries, like ''WESTMINSTER CHORAL COLLEGE'' PRINCETON  N.J.

    THIS is a fascinating study and certainly something that BELL TELEPHONE LABS have been into for years, as well, as choral directing books..
    I hope you dig out all you can on this,  this will help you develop a powerful resonant voice.. for sure


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