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If you study music seriously would it be good to know something about philosophy of science?
Could you please argue for your views on this! I assume that it doesn't make you a Glenn Gould. On the other hand Gould performed and spoke like he had studied some kind of philosophy.
What are your wise thoughts?

Hi Hank,

Thanks very much for getting in touch. I have mulled over your question for a time and come to the conclusion that I do not know enough about the philosophy of science to offer you a decent answer. So I am afraid that this question is a bit out of my field. I know some very fine professional musicians who know precious little about science, let alone the philosophy of science and they seem to manage perfectly well.

However, I suppose it depends on exactly what in music one is studying. But you use the word "seriously" which I take to mean that your are referring to studying the theory music in considerable depth, rather than say, a more practical-based study such as learning an instrument. My feeling is that when you study anything in depth you are more likely to discover connections with other areas of knowledge.

If for example, one is studying the effect of specific musical stimuli on individual human beings and how they react, one would find oneself, sooner or later in the realms of psychology, cognitive processes, possibly even religion and sociology. Certainly a knowledge of certain aspects of science would be helpful in such a study but whether an understanding of the philosophy of science would be helpful, I am not in a position to say.

Gould certainly has a profound interest in musical thought and theory, and he wrote a great deal of philosophical articles on the subject, although I have to say some of them are rather heavy going. He was very much a "thinking musician" and this comes through in his many interviews. I am sure that this very detailed thinking - and his philosophy - about musical technique and interpretation led him in a very practical way. I certainly agree with you that Gould was guided by his own philosophical thinking.

But I am sorry that I cannot be of much help on this issue.

Best wishes


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