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I'm a musician, a pianist and recently I started to write arrangements in the form of sheet music, using Sibelius software.
I have extensive theoretical knowledge, but I find the work of the technical writing as an act itself is very long, exhausting, difficult and frustrating.
All this - when I write Overall one instrument, currently clarinet and piano arrangements!
What will be when I'll have to write for a string quartet?

I checked a lot of options available, including even an iPhone app (!) Allows to rewrite the characters when all it takes is merely sing the melody into the iPhone.
Course work of arrengment is more complex, especially as I said, when I want for example to write for string quartet .

I'd love to hear - what do you say? Is there another way I have not considered?

Thank you very much!

Hi John, and thank you for contacting me through

I agree with you that notation software is an effort intensive process. However, the more you do it, the more familiar you'll get with the software and your frustration should diminish. Just know that it takes time to produce nice looking charts.

About the only tip I can offer is: Sibelius does have a feature that allows input directly from a digital piano keyboard with MIDI or USB. This may be a more favorable solution for you. If you choose to try this, it is necessary to play precisely and be advised to set the quantitative preference to nothing less than 1/8th notes, or you will end up with dozens of 16ths or 32nd notes tied together in a long string. If you actually need 16ths or 32nds (or smaller) go back later and edit the score manually.

Good luck and thanks for the interest.

D C DowDell
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Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting

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