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Can you please explain the orchestration sounds I hear in the following examples as I am trying to recreate them by midi:

the stab/hit sounds at 1:43, can you explain how you would create those stab sounds? (what instruments are used and technique)

same question but with the stab sounds at 0:20

Regarding "a)":

For reference, the link that you provided redirects to "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 OST -02- Brotherhood Assault (1080p)".

The composition includes a synthesized instrumentation, so it is possible the "stab" sounds that you mentioned are purely synthetic. However, at the time that you indicated, the following instruments (real or synethesized) can be heard: bass drum and timpani with low brass and tom-tom drums (concert toms), while a hi-hat performs fast rhythms behind those impacts. Strings are also in the mix. There is nothing unique about the performance practice, the instruments are simply implementing accents with staccato and strictly articulated, driving rhythms.

Regarding "b)":

For reference, this link redirects to "Batman: Arkham Origins OST - Black Mask Escapes".

This music is similar, only this time the driving "stab" sounds are coming from timpani and bass drum with strings. Syncopated rhythms contribute to the feel of the music.  

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