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I want to go from a piece that is written in the key of F to a piece that is written in the key of Bb...what chords would I use
for modulation?

Hi Judy:
  This is a good question.. Usually the common RULE is to find what ''chords ''' and progressions EACH KEY have in common, and use that as a PIVOT point so that at any time in the song, when you find a chord used that is common to BOTH KEYS (old key and new key) then you can ''think new key'' at THAT POINT, and proceed as if you WERE ALREADY IN THE NEW KEY>.
example :?
     Key of F  , ? the note that establishes THAT KEY (''f'') IS THE E NATURAL found as the third of the C 7TH chord (V) so at any point when that note changes to Eb (DISTINCT NOTE FOR THE KEY OF B b ) then you'll be in the new key...

   F gm Eb F7  Bb
(that would be a ''fast'' and direct modulation) with gm being in both keys
    F  Bb  gm, Cm  F7  Bb
(THIS would be not quite so fast, giving more time to establishing the new key)
    with 4 chords  using two ''pivot'' chords to  get the sound of the new key going
    F  Bb  am  dm gm  cm  F7  Bb
(this is a long way around -if you have the time- giving more time to establish the new key()

      F   D7  gm C7  F7  Bb  Eb Bb is a bit fancy but still effective
       soo these are examples, and certainly more options thann this are available, depending on how much time you wish to use,
there are modulation sheets, charts, available in music stores for the organist or pianist in churches who especially need modulations for transitions from one hymn to another so the music is seamless.. so check out that as a source of examples, (i have many such charts and pages)
   thanks for the question, I do hope that gets you started on your quest.

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