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Today I played a melody from a certain song on my piano. It sounded like I actually played the melody from the song but when I played it together with the recording it didn't sound too right. It's like the singer did something that can't be played on the piano. This is not the first time this has happened. One thing is true: he did not use any special vocal techniques.
What does a proffesion vocalist say about this?

ANSWER: Hi Andrew:

Did you play the melody on your piano from written music? If so, keep in mind that written music is just a guideline, not a rule.  Singers improvise when they sing.

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QUESTION: how can you improvise when you have a melody that you're supposed to sing? If I we're to sing I walk the line by Johnny Cash I would try to sing the melody as Cash did it. Maybe I am just missunderstanding what you mean by improvisation.

An artist doesn't do "exact copies" of work.  If you are trying to do Johnny Cash in a cover band, where you have set yourself the task of sounding just like Johnny Cash, (no one sounds just like Johnny Cash except Johnny Cash) then yes, you would want to mimic exactly what Johnny Cash did.  But if you consider yourself an artist, then you are contributing your own creativity to the work, and improvising is one of the ways you can do that.  I can't show you how to improvise in this All Experts format.  My suggestion to you is to take singing lessons with a teacher near you.

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