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I am now learning So what on piano. The intro is very nice. The question is: the song is played in D-dorian and Eb-dorian. I do not know about the intro. In modal jazz one should not really think of chords like they do in other kinds of jazz but the intro (by Bill Evans) is not just D-dorian as he plays black keys as well. How did he know what to play (it's not random notes)?

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While there are certain notes or scales that work best in some places, a player can use any note really; it depends on what the player wishes to express. Example: a chromatic scale can be played in many situations and sound great if done with the right expression.

The most important thing is to listen. Listen to as much as you can, as often as you can. This is what fills your artistic self and after a while, this is what comes out in your playing. Get a good teacher and work hard at your learning. Play with as many other musicians as you can, especially with musicians that are better than you.

Here are a couple charts that may help, but e careful not to be too academic with artistic expression or your playing will not feel alive.

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