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QUESTION: I saw a 12 bar blues (key of Bb) with a G7 in bar 8 and Cm7 in bar 9. G7 is a secondary dominant of Cm. If I'm correct this is also a 2-5-1 without the 2 chord. All 2-5-1 would therefore include a secondary dominant? Is this a correct understanding of jazz theory?

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Not all 2-5-1s include a secondary tone center, but they often do. These are added for color & diversity.  When the 6 chord (G7 in this case) is used, it is often referred to as a turn-around.  The G7 is dominate to C, but when you get to C it is a minor, thus it becomes the 2 of Bb making this secondary progression (cadence) false or misleading. Most progressions are in fact false or misleading.

Here is a helpful chart in the key of C:

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QUESTION: So it's the first two chords of what jazz theorists call a  6-2-5-1 progression?
In order to create a 6-2-5-1 you just take a 2-5-1 but add a secondary dominant of the 2 chord?
Am I correct?

Yes, that is correct but be careful not to get too occupied with the terminology. Be more focussed on how it all sounds and how the chords change the direction of the harmony. That's what it's all about.

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