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QUESTION: Hi, can you identify the songs in this Jazz Funeral?

I understand dirges usually consist of songs like Nearer My God to Thee or Just a Closer Walk With Thee but listening to this next to clips on YouTube it doesn't sound like either. Same with the celebrate, I gather those usually consist of songs like When the Saints Go Marching In and Didn't He Ramble but again doesn't sound like either. Only think that comes close is Rock Around The Clock and it's obviously not that. If you don't know, can you suggest where else I can ask about this or ask someone you may know that could help and get back to me? Thanks in advance for ther reply.

ANSWER: I can't seem to download iLivid. Can you send me the audio file as an MP3. Now you've got me really interested in what the piece is! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It's the audio of The Rebirth Brass Band with Troy Andrews version from the From The Big Apple To The Big Easy: The Concert For New Orleans DVD. I can't find the clip on YouTube. AllExperts seems to only allow image file attachments. If you e mail me at wetcamelfood (at) I'll send it as an e mail attachment.

Alrighty then! I recognized the song in about four notes. It's called "The Old Rugged Cross," and was written in 1912 by George Bennard. When I was a kid, I was raised in the Baptist church and we sang this song OFTEN! I remember that I dreaded when someone would request it, because it was so SLOW and DEPRESSING, but now I really love the song because it is a part of my history.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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