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This should be interesting. This is a drag performance and I have worked out 95% of the music and dialogue in this performance. I however can't workout the piece of music which comes in at

1) 39 seconds
2) 8 min 39 seconds
3) 9 min 33 seconds

Can anyone help identify it? Sounds like a TV sitcom. I would be very greatful for you to point me in the right direction. Please click on the Youtube link which will show the intricate piece. Good Luck and thank you in advance.

Kind Regards CHRIS South Africa


At 39 seconds, the song is "Knowing When to Leave" from Promises, Promises by Bacharach and David, then it goes into "But Alive" from Applause. The music at 8:39 and 9:33 sounds like generic "Love Boat" type filler music. I don't think it's a recognizable show tune.

Hope that helps!


Musical Genres--Folk, Jazz, Sountracks, More

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