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I am a middle school choir director and this year I have 2 Jehovah Witnesses in my choir.

I am aware of the for lack of a better word Restrictions on Patriotic music.  One of my students has told me she can't sing the Spiritual "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho".  Are there other restrictions I need to know of as I plan the rest of the year?

I have worked out a deal with the Librarian where the kids do warm-up, sight-reading and theory with the class then go to her to be productive instead of sitting in a room by them selves or watching the class sing.

We have three concerts this fall.
Fall Concert
Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
Novelty piece called Text our Friends
Spanish folk song called "Arroz Con Leche' (Rice pudding)

The other two are Veteran's Day and Christmas. I know they will not be able to participate and as of now I don't have the Spring Programs worked out.  Any information you can give me will be very helpful.


Dear Roy,

I too am a school choral director. I have had a similar situation with students who are Jehovah's Witnesses in the past. As I remember, I simply spoke with the parents and told them what songs I had planned for concerts, and then they would tell me what their child could or could not sing. The parents were very accommodating and did not mind that their children would not be singing all the songs on the concert. My advice is to talk to the parents directly.

I'm interested to know which arrangement of "Joshua" you are doing. I don't know "Text Our Friends" but I know "Arroz con Leche" well!


Jim Tompkins-MacLaine
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Musical Genres--Folk, Jazz, Sountracks, More

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