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David0044 wrote at 2007-05-23 21:25:08
I shiver in fear at the sound of thunder,

Collar turned up, its getting cold.

Paper impaled itself on a car bumper,

Wind whips a young day, into an old.

Hometown battleground, were they never young?

They gotta understand the Cheyenne is worth the fight.

If they'd left us alone, I'd be home all said and done.

Now this is our history and it starts tonight.


With Cheyenne I see the vision,

With Cheyenne I found religion,

With Cheyenne I can feel my destiny,

With Cheyenne I'm gonna bring out the best in me.

That's the first verse and chorus.  I have an mp3 of the song burned from a mix tape from about 1986, but don't have any title, artist or album info.

johnnymx5 wrote at 2009-09-03 13:18:21
This is a tough one!  It took me a day but I found it.  The name of the band is The Unforgiven.  I have a copy of the song for my IPOD but did not have the artist.

Here is the website for the band.  They re-released their old album in 2006.

If you like "Cheyenne", I would also suggest Tattoo Rodeo's "Been Your Fool For The Last Time".


Tonya wrote at 2013-03-10 14:20:24
The name of the song is "Cheyenne" and it is by The Unforgiven!!  I looked for this song for years myself, and had a great guy by the alias of ClayBricks find it for me!!

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