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Muslim Teens/Masturbation as an alternative for teens?


Kyle Murphy wrote at 2008-03-20 04:12:52
The truth is... masturbation is okay in moderation, just like most things.  No serious religion forbids sexual gratification in the privacy of your own home.  This is something religious leaders impose upon people to pervade their lives and control them.  Please do not allow people to convince you of things you do not believe in your heart or your gut or your where-ever.  You can enjoy self-sexual release if you keep your thoughts tasteful and respectful, and if you do not obsess over doing it, only do it when it is convenient and feels like it needs doing.  Okay?  I hope my answer helps you live a proper life.  Thank you.

Hamad wrote at 2008-04-14 17:45:26
The main problem with allowing masturbation is that it can become an addiction. Religious leaders do not generally allow it unless to release sexual tension. This is for the person's own well being and doing a lesser evil is preferable. The only problem with what you said Kyle is that when you say "if you keep...if you do not...only when convenient" which is differs between individuals. We can say "Yes I can keep it...yes I would not...of course only when convenient" but humans are weak and fall into temptations very easily. Islam nips the problems from the bud to avoid a possibility of its occurrence. So unless you fear that not masturbating at a moment can lead to a greater sin then avoid it. Otherwise the test of Jihad/struggle is control over our feelings and emotions.

Omar wrote at 2011-08-05 00:32:01
I would like to argue with the past answer and just raise important arguments. First of all, masturbation is not bad for your health according to many scientists. My personal proof is that it happens when you're asleep without you wanting it so the whole "absorbing air like a bottle" theory makes no sense because its natural. Second, if you are married your wife has the right to get you perform the act of masturbation on you even though it will have the same health consequences as your body will not know if you are using your own hand or not. On the other hand there is a quote in the Holy Quran and i'm not knowledgable enough to translate it but I understood it as "you should keep your things to yourself except to your wives and Ma Malakat Aymanukum" and if you don't you're going beyond the limit that you should stay within. But as a teenager you have no wife or Mulk al Yameen so there is the argument that this only applies to married.

On the other hand there are a lot of Hadiths about people asking prophet Muhammad PBUH if it's allowed but he never gave the permission which would most definitely show that you shouldn't do it. And I have the same problem as you. The way I overcome it is to think of your priorities. If your priority the good feeling you'll get for a few minutes or the eternal happiness you'll get out of restraining, controlling, and following your heart in Paradise? Also you say you feel bad after doing it. This shows that you have the inner conflict of "oh I want to enjoy myself a bit... No I shouldn't I'll feel bad.. Oh what the heck let me do it anyway". But this is how Shaytaan does his work. He lets you consider your worldly pleasure like sexual pleasure, the pleasure of drugs, the pleasure of drinking, the pleasure of gambling etc. to keep your eyes off of the things that matter which is to think about other than yourself, like the people in your community, of your Ummah, of your world, of prophet Muhammad, and most importantly of Allah. Like you, I always wish to overcome my need for pleasures but you and I both know that we are both capable of doing so, and we don't NEED it, we can easily survive without it. But we WANT it. thats the difference even though we would like to convince ourselves otherwise

Omar wrote at 2012-12-22 13:35:26
Hello. I - too- am a Muslim but I cannot claim to be too well versed with the decrees and conventions of Islam since I am only 15 years old and have lived the biggest part of my life in America. However, I know quite a bit about your problem. I do NOT know whether masturbation is 'haram' in Islam but I know that it can have some side-effects on your overall health. Occasional masturbation is not bad for your health but over-indulgence can harm you. Firstly, it's been proven that it can affect your psychology and your desire for a sexual partner. Masturbation is basically sex without a partner; if you overdo it, you'll get real used to it and will be unable to really enjoy sex with a partner when the time comes. In severe cases, some men may be unable to achieve orgasm when having intercourse with their partners. Secondly, over-masturbation may - in some cases - lead to mild headaches and physical exhaustion. This depends on every person's stamina. For example, if you are a sporty person, you are less prone to these symptoms than if you were a dormant person. Thirdly, over-masturbation completely depletes your reserves of semen, which I am sure is not good for your reproductive system. As for the solution, I find it rather helpful to not think too much about girls and engage in many sports activities. Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of, my friend. It is just the natural course of life. Just don't overdo it. Like anything in life, over-indulgence can be harmful.

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