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ghulam jeelani / mohammed hashim raza wrote at 2010-03-29 08:18:07
assalam ulaikum wa rahamath ulla hi wa barkatha hu my brother Syed Nyamtulla gyarwi sharif is not Shirk muslim celabarate the gyarwi sharif all over asia afterall its a celebaration of hazrath ghouse azam sheiq abdul khadar jeelani R.A hazrath ghouse azam is the among those who are very rare hazrath has hifz quran e pak from the birth itself wen hazrath went for there islamic education sat in front of moulvi sab hazrath ghouse azam R.A started reading the quran without seeing till 18 paaras & there are many karamath of hazrath ghouse azam but nowdays people says its shirk but my bother Syed Nyamtulla kindly i request u to follow what your parents doing bcz our parents are always rite n dont go to peoples wat they says may allah show u the rite path n at last i will say that hazrath ghouse azam is the head auliya off all auliyakiram pls follow your parents ...

SABA ANJUM wrote at 2011-04-03 12:23:59
ASSALAMUALAIKUM.....IT IS KNWN THAT Sultan E Awliya Peeran Pir, Hazrath Syedna Ghous E Azzam Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani(R.A) Used To Arrange A Feast For The Esaale Sawaab Of The Best Of Creation, Hazrath Muhammad E Mustafa Ahmad E Mujtaba Noor Ul Hudaa (Saw) On The 12th Of Every Month. So Today The Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jaamath Following The Act Of Ghous E Azzam (R.A) Arrange Giarvi Sharif on The 11th (The Date Ghous E Azzam (R.A) Was Born) So That Ghous E Pak Can Present This Esaale Sawaab On The 12th To Our Beloved Prophet(Saw)

Mohammed Gulam Ghouse wrote at 2012-02-22 23:20:14
Assalamualikum Janab/Mohtarma

Before Blaming SHIRK to celebrate about Gyarvi sharif : FIRST RECITE QURAN SHARIF WITH MEANING(TARJUMA)

Websites are not the MASTERS FOR OUR ISLAM ANSWERS!!!!!



shahid wrote at 2012-03-10 12:45:20
I have uploaded an ebook in urdu language which gives detailed explanation about Gyarveeh and its reality..hope it will help you understand.

zeshan wrote at 2015-05-23 18:41:48
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