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Please i need good comrehensive notes with relevant textual authorities from the Quran or Hadith. Am a student and i want to present it in school.
*1 Are talisman made up of written Quranic verses allowed to be used in islam with the intention that it is Allah that will protect you? (you are not relying on the talisman though you are wearing it)
*2 Is it allowed to hold the Quran so that it will protect you?
*3 Is it allowed to use tasbah(counting device) while doing tasbih or tahmidah?
*4 Is it allowed to write Quranic verses on something like wood and then wash it and drink?
*5 Is it allowed to write Quranic verses on a paper, wrap it and tie it on the neck for protection? (but you still believe that its Allah that will protect you)

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


Dear Brother,


AbuDawud Book 022, Hadith Number 3860.
Chapter : Not known.

Narated By Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As : I heard the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) say: If I drink an antidote, or tie an amulet, or compose poetry, I am the type who does not care what he does.

AbuDawud Book 029, Hadith Number 4209.
Chapter : Abandonment of wearing signetrings.

Narated By Anas b. Malik : I saw a signet-ring on the hands of the Prophet (pbuh) only for a day. The people then fashioned and wore (rings). The Prophet (pbuh) then threw it away and the people also threw (them).

AbuDawud Book 022, Hadith Number 3874.
Chapter : Not known.

Narated By Abdullah ibn Mas'ud : Zaynab, the wife of Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, told that Abdullah said: I heard the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) saying: spells, charms and love-potions are polytheism.

I asked: Why do you say this? I swear by Allah, when my eye was discharging I used to go to so-and-so, the Jew, who applied a spell to me. When he applied the spell to me, it calmed down. Abdullah said:

That was just the work of the Devil who was picking it with his hand, and when he uttered the spell on it, he desisted. All you need to do is to say as the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) used to say: Remove the harm, O Lord of men, and heal. Thou art the Healer. There is no remedy but Thine which leaves no disease behind

2. Quran will guide you, Allah will protect you.

3. i dont have any hadith where any sort of counting device was used by the Prophet/Sahabis. So cant comment.

4. Sorry but this is not the purpose of the Quran. Quran is to be read and implemented.

5. Sorry again but this is not the reason the Quran was revealed.

I was sick, i went to the best doctor in town, he prescribed me the best medicine, i bought the medicine, and kissed it and then kept it inside the bupboard. Then i realised i should have put it as a talisman. My fever didnt go, sombeody recommended me to eat it, once i did i was back to full health !!

This quran should be read with meaning and implemented in life. Drinking a water dipped in quranic verses, wearing talisman, etc etc wont help. I hope you got my point.


Its my duty to help those in need. You are free to ask as many questions as you like.

If you are not convinced or feel the answer did not address all your questions, pls write back immediately without any hesitation. Please do forgive me if there is an unexpected delay in replying.


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( Note: I am not a mufti, if you are in doubt or want 100% accuracy please verify the above hadith with an authentic personality. However I have not altered any hadith and presented it as and how it was found. May Allah forgive our mistakes from time to time...ameen.)

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