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Hi world.

Can someone tell me what kind of proof there is, sort of like a guarantee that Islam is the right religion. I've grown up in a non Islamic country and i sometimes think that maybe somehow im wrong because i mean all these non Muslims around me are really smart (like teachers, professors and so on) and i think to myself "if Islam is right shouldn't they have figured it out" and wonder about there theories of how there is no god, but all i have to do is just look at something so simple like my finger or a leaf on the ground and i know there is a god that has created all this. I guess all im really looking for is a guarantee.

Also on a different subject im starting to feel what Islam is and what some Muslims do is completely different. I mean at my local masjid some older guys just don't seem happy and i wonder "these guys have found the true religion, the religion of peace" but they jump at a chance to growl a kid and rarely smile. Im hoping that this is not the case for the majority of Muslims.

and lastly (sorry for this is getting really long) any advice on what we (as Muslim teens) should do with the whole dating scene, i mean i know dating isn't allowed but can we still have girl-friends as in normal friends and what about marriage, i know its early days but that is something which will happen right? how would that work and i herd there are like a million rules.

Thank you taking time out to read this, Allhamdulilah there are a lot of points but i am sure that all these rules are here for a reason and Allah knows what we don't, i ask Allah to gives us all the best in this life and the here after and may we all(including non-Muslims and Muslims) be guided to the straight path and be rewarded with the highest of paradise. Amen
Wa Alaikum Salam


'Is islam the right religion' - How can we ever be sure what we do is the right thing. It's a matter of faith and belief. You have to have belief in the unseen and there is no guarantee. Most people like to believe that they are going to be rewarded for the good that they do on this world and in the end you will get there. life is hard and there will be so many things that make you question your belief but you have to stay strong and you will get there in the end and figure it our for yourself.

I definitely agree with you when you say Muslim actions do not agree with Islamic teaching. Many muslims focus on the bad, the negative, the punishments, the fear, and the control, that they forget everything else like mercy, forgiveness, humanity, love, compassion, peace. When a child does something wrong they are told that you will go to hell and this gets on passed on from one generation to another.

In islam you are not allowed to have female friend or girlfriends. It is forbidden.

I hope this helped.


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