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Hello, I want to know if during sex, can you put the cock(Dick)in the butt or in the pussy? Also can you suck the titties(breast)? Or can you kiss. Sorry to bring up this but it is very important to know if it is haram or not. Thank you.

sex in islam

1. Sex should be done in a chaste manner and should not be inspired by shaitan. The pig-eaters and wine bogglers do sex like animals or worse than animals. Do not follow them. Do not have oral, facial sex at all. Just have sex like normally people do.

2. Allah has prohibited sex during menses, anal sex (sodomy).

3. Prior to intercourse please read the following dua: "bismillah alahumma janibnash shaitana wa janibish shitana ma razaqtana'( In the name of Allah - O Allah save both of us from shaitan and save what you will grant(offspring) from Shaitan)

InshAllah your offspring will be protected from the evil of shaitan.

4. Allah has permitted intercourse in all positions liked by partners.

5. If you wish to repeat intercourse then please take bath. If bath not possible then atleast do wudhu as per the sunnah of the prophet.

6. If you wish to sleep after sex but do not want to take bath, then one should do wudhu.

AbuDawud Book 001, Hadith Number 0219.
Chapter : Desireablity of performing ablution after intercourse if one desires to repeat it.

Narated By Abu Rafi' : One day the Prophet (pbuh) had intercourse with all his wives. He took a bath after each intercourse. I asked him: Apostle of Allah, why don't you make it a single bath? He replied: This is more purifying, better and cleaning.

AbuDawud Book 001, Hadith Number 0220.
Chapter : Desireablity of performing ablution after intercourse if one desires to repeat it.

Narated By Abu Sa'id al-Khudri : The Prophet (may peace be upon him) said: When any of you has intercourse with his wife and desires to repeat it, he should perform ablution between them.

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