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(Inaozubillah) for what i say ........

I am a true Muslim ,but since i have know and seen the photographs of violence and rape in Iraq by us military. I am in doubt . (Inaozubillah) Can Allah see the suffering of women who were raped , Can Allah Hear the cries of men and women who were tortured, Where was Allah at that time. (Inaozubillah) At that time there was no difference between our God to that statue to which hindus bow.
I am in doubt now , that all these things seem fictitious. We all Muslims are dumbs. if jews , americans ,enter other Muslim Countries they will still start the same violence and we will still expecting God to come to save us.

I am extremely sorry but if u watch this let me know what u think ""

Unfortunately we Muslim nations can never and will never compete jews and americans , we can never because we are their slaves our ancestors were not but we are. we speak their language we dress like them.

Since watching all this i am extremely unhappy and stressed. One militant in congo raped 53 women and he is 22 today, still happy in his life, the victims lives were ruined and that baster is still living his life and has no regret. Where was God at that time, Definitely God is forgiving and definitely will forgive all those basters for what sin they committed because God is forgiving .I wish to see all those sinners to watch their complete families being raped tortured and torn into sliced and sold in front of my eyes .
Can God do this for me . no....because..God is forgiving. God punishes Muslims only.

I am really in doubt why are we keeping our hope with Allah and for what.
No need to say me that life is short and hell is hotter. no, i want to see them punished in this world and the next too.

Sorry  but seems i am useless.


Hey, don't worry I am in the position you are in so I am not going to preach to you. I don't want to be a hypocrite. You see I had a bad childhood and my parents used religion to justify it  so I am really confused and I have watched videos, documentaries and heard stories of bad things happing - I feel the same way - where the hell is GOD ?

But the fact that you are doubting your religion means you are intelligent and that your not following what people tell you to do - why don't you try researching different religions and finding out what you want to follow and why you should follow it? question everything and find answers to them !justify whatever you want to follow to yourself - it is a long journey and not an easy one but you will get there!

If you need any further help or have questions then do not hesitate to contact me!



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