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Assalamu alaikum ...I'm in school and will be going back home soon. I want to buy a gift for my daddy and what I want is a bit expensive and will  consume much of the money I have. Even though he doesn't care if what I get him is expensive or not but I want to get him what is so good and everyone will admire upon seeing it. I'll still be left with something I can manage to cater for my primary needs,I might not have enough to do somethings I want to ( but are not very important) . Is it considered as extravagance if I buy this gift? And is it pride that I want to get him to wear something that everyone knows is expensive ? Thank yo


I think you should buy a gift that you can afford and like you said he doesn't care if its expensive or not. Why bother getting an expensive gift just so other people will admire it. You go to school you should cover all your necessities first and in case of emergency have some cash spare and then think about a gift.

Do you think that's fair on yourself and your father if your buying a gift for him just so other people will admire it.  

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