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Salami, I'm an 18 year old that graduated high school at 16, I'd say I grew up very fast. I used to resent my parents for being very restrictive and not letting me go out with my friends in high school. Now that I'm in college and still living at home I have an appreciation of them. I have a job and go to class and I'm beginning to slowly incorporate more and more Islam into my life. My parents respect me and I wish to be treated like an adult and compromise on my curfew. My work, class, or just hanging out curfew is 7.  My question is, is there anything wrong with going out at night? When I say going out, I might just hanging with friends, going to movies and each others houses. When I say night I mean like 7-12. I want to ask to extend my curfew because I think I deserve this because, living in America, they don't understand what my life has been like. I'm over all my angst, now I want them to accept that I'm growing up and I should get to make a few decisions by myself.
I don't have any friends because kids my age hang out mostly during night time. I wanted to present my parents some facts from our religion that may go with or against my argument, just anything the Koran or hadis says about kids hanging out at night. I respect my parents and I want them to treat me like an adult. Anything will help, thank you very much!


Why don't you try talking to your parents and compromising some rules as to what you can do and cant do while being out with your friends. And just explain to them that You are old enough to know right from wrong and that you are mature enough to make your own decisions and not be swayed by peer pressure or the American lifestyle.

Why not try making a list of things you have to do in order to earn that privilege or what you will do if they allow you go out at night - like you will make sure all school work is completed or you will o chores etc.


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