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Salam Aleikum,

A muslim brother asked this question yesterday when a lecture was been delivered but he was not satisfied with the answer that was put forward to him by the preacher thus, causing ambiguity. Muslims are expected to slaughter  animals that are lawful for consumption with Bismillah Allahu Akbar once and for all (correct me if i'm wrong) then what should we do:-
1) If abruptly one slaughtered an animal thinking that it is dead but suddenly the animal just stand and starts running till it just slumped and die. Is it still lawful to be consumed as it did not die immediately it was slaughtered?
2) what if it was found later on but still breathing, are we to re-slaughter it again or we should just forget about it?

I found this question very interesting to ask because i've witnessed such occurrence twice. The animal been slaughtered got up and starts running irrespective of the sharp blade used on it.

Jazakallahu Khair

1. Slaughtering of animals should be done by professionals.
2. Once Allahs name is read over it before it dies - its completely halaal.
3. Once the veins are cut - it will not re-breath. If found breathing, it should be immediately slaughtered completely.


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